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Small Tweaks

Recently, I received an email from a client, thanking me for the services that I provided and letting me know what kind of difference it made to him. I share the story with you not to convince you that I am great, but to give an example of a small tweak that made a BIG difference in his life.

Dear Katie, I just wanted to take a few minutes from both our days and convey the results I have received due to your nutritional counseling.

I commenced with the objective of losing a little weight but what was more important was my requirement to empower my workouts and allow my self the ability to compete in upcoming athletic competitions.

Words really can’t convey how much strength and energy I possess as a result of following your 28 day food plan you designed for me.  A times, I have felt so much stronger I did not want to stop my training but time commitments forced me to refrain.  I have slept better, as well.

You are magic!  I have extraordinary faith in you and your knowledge.  I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.

What you don’t see in this letter is that this client wasn’t eating enough carbohydrates. Yes, we tweaked the plan to make sure he wasn’t getting too many calories in each day. But mostly, I made sure that he added more whole grains and legumes to his diet (it already included fruits and vegetables). 

Once he had the carbohydrates in his body (i.e. energy for his muscles!), he was able to get in more effective workouts that were properly fueled. This gave him more energy all around during the day, as well as while he was at the gym.

A small change made a big difference.

There is so much mis-information out there. And there is a lot of good information that is not universally applicable. Finding out the best plan for you and your lifestyle is so important, and can make all the difference.

What small tweaks have you seen make a big difference in your health?

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  1. Aimee

    I eat few carbs- simple ones at least. I stay away from grains almost entirely and focus on getting the carbs I need from veggies and a little bit of meat. Since I cut carbs, dairy and sugar from my diet I’ve been leaner, healthier and slept better. My skin is amazing and I have tons of energy.

  2. Katie Goldberg

    Cutting out those refined carbs makes a big difference, you’re right! Don’t forget that grains and other carbohydrates like beans and lentils provide us with necessary vitamins and minerals. While I prefer to see people choose food over supplements, a nice multivitamin might be a good choice for you 🙂

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