Stop Stressing About What to Eat During Pregnancy

Confidently nourish your baby (and yourself!) from
conception to lactation and postpartum.

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Don’t let Google overwhelm your pregnancy

From the moment you find out you’re expecting, everything changes. You want
what’s best for your baby, but knowing what is best isn’t always a simple task.

Go from confused and overwhelmed to confident and relaxed
(yes, it’s possible!)

Step 01.

DIscovery Call

In this FREE 20-min call, we’ll discuss your goals and determine a plan of action that’s perfect for you.

Step 02.

Work The Plan

No complicated rules or crazy restrictions allowed. Factoring in the latest nutrition science and your preferences, we map out real, practical, and sustainable changes.

Step 03.

Feel The Joy

You will be empowered to confidently feed yourself and your baby. Do a happy dance – your (limited) time and energy can be spent on something other than food!


Guiding you (or your audience) through every stage

Pregnancy Support

Learn what to eat, what to avoid, & how to manage symptoms or side effects.

Postpartum Support

Avoid depletion, maintain your milk supply, and support a healthy weight.

Speaking & Media

In-person or virtual appearances; podcast or written interviews – let’s talk!


I’m Katie Goldberg

(AKA The Pregnancy Dietitian)

Mom of 2 little humans, health coach, and registered dietitian nutritionist.

You could crowd-source your nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum, but wading through the conflicting messages online to determine what’s reliable can take hours. Even your girlfriends don’t agree with each other.

Try a different approach: I can guide you through the research and best practices (and avoid all the B.S.) to help you confidently nourish your body and your baby during this unique season of life.

Don’t take it from us

What our clients are saying

“When I came to you, I was so overwhelmed and confused by all the nutrition information on the internet. You explained things in a way that I could understand and gave advice that made sense for my pregnancy.”

-Kayley D, pregnant

“From tackling my main stress point at the time (breakfast) to learning the carb/fat/protein guide so I can re-build my confidence in making healthy meal choices, to helping me solve my crazy after-work cravings…you have helped me with every food-related challenge.”

-Emily G, postpartum

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